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15 December 2021 0 Comments

Josh Baynton is the Founder and Managing Director of Zephyr Constructions. Josh loves quality
designs, contemporary ideas, and maintains a focus on positive client relationships.
With over 20 years of construction experience, Josh has provided a level of professionalism and
expertise, in the residential, commercial, and mining markets throughout Australia.
Josh has led successful teams whilst emphasising the importance of staff welfare and emotional
intelligence in a highly dynamic and sometime stressful market.
In 2016, Josh was inspired to create a building company that provided a unique human touch for his clients, whilst building high quality projects, and maintaining a healthy work / life balance for all company employees.

In 2016 ‘Zephyr Constructions’ was officially born, and Josh created and implemented what is fondly known as ‘The Zephyr Way’.
‘The Zephyr Way’ comprises 12 core values that are our fundamental beliefs to operating a
successful construction business, that not only supports its clients, but also its own employees.
1. Our team and clients are our priority.
2. We care passionately about our clients dreams and needs.
3. We love what we do, and always ensure a safe workplace.
4. We treat your project as if it were our own.
5. We deliver on our promises, no excuses.
6. We take responsibility for our choices and outcomes.
7. Our word is our bond.
8. We always act with honesty and integrity.
9. We push limits to think outside the box.
10. We are unique, innovative, and always focused on quality.
11. We pay unbeatable attention to detail.
12. We strive to go above and beyond the normal expectations.
Zepher Constructions is committed to its values and represents the construction industry in a
positive and endearing manner.
We would love to hear from you to fulfill your dream projects. Josh can be reached directly on
mobile 0499 247 323, landline (07) 5613 3443, or by email

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